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List of Specialist Chemistry tutors in Singapore

1. Retired NUS Chemistry Lecturer, PhD - Colombo Plan Scholar. Offering 'A' and 'O' level Chemistry tuition in small groups in Singapore. Contact No. 6474 8101.

2. Former University Lecturer - Offering Sec 3/4 and JC1/2 Chemistry tuition in the East of Singapore. Contact No. 8128 8130.

3. Dr. Ng, PhD - Former Overseas University Lecturer offering home Chemistry tuition for 'A' levels in Singapore. Contact No. 9666 5884.

4. Associate NTU Lecturer (Ex-Teacher) - Chemistry Specialist teacher (10 years experience) , offering small groups chemistry tuition for JC H2/H3. Analytical approach in Organic and Physical chemistry, results guaranteed. Contact No: 8118 4387.

5. Head of Chemistry in JC - Specialist in A level Chemistry and Teaching Award holder. First Class Honours in Chemistry and Dean's List awardee for multiple years. Offering customised premium group tuition with affordable rates. Uncover hidden techniques to SCORE marks and secret shortcuts to solve questions EFFECTIVELY and EASILY. Proven track record of TOP value-added grades. Guaranteed improvement in grades for your child! Please contact Mr Liu at 8188 3063 for your FREE diagnostic consultation today!

6. PSC Teaching Scholar - PSC Scholar (Teaching) on Dean's List for 3 consecutive years. Ex-JC Lecturer conducts Chemistry tuition at Bishan Central. Call/SMS/Whatsapp : 9858 8060.

7. PSC Teaching Scholar 2 - Experienced (since 2003) MOE scholar teacher with proven track records in schools. Exam-focused methods and answering techniques-driven strategies. Small group tuition. HP: 8591 4973.

8. PSC Teaching Scholar 3 - A former PSC teaching scholar specialising in Chemistry pedagogy. Experienced MOE trained Top JC lecturer. Excel in Chemistry. Effective strategies. Excellent value-add. 9007 9207.

9. Former PSC Teaching Scholar - and MOE trained female teacher with 18 years of teaching experience in Temasek JC. Graduated with Honours in Chemistry. Provides exam-focused strategies, clear explanation of abstract concepts and summaries of key concepts, effective answering techniques and customised teaching according to the recent revised A-level syllabus. Proven track record of quality and value-added grades. Offers individual or small group tuition at affordable rates. Contact number: 9684 4564.

10. PhD in Organic Chemistry - Full Time H2 Chemistry specialist tutor graduated with PhD from NTU in Organic Chemistry with 5 years of experience in tutoring H2 Chemistry and Undergraduate Chemistry modules. Past students record of A and B for A level results, tuition location in the east/ central/ northeast. Contact No. 9615 6686.

11. First Class Honours Current School Teacher - offering Chemistry Tuition for A and O Levels. Contact 9873 2630.

12. EX-MOE Teacher with First Class Honours - Highly qualified and experienced full-time tutor offering structured group tuition programme at Bedok. Concise notes and up-to-date worksheets provided. 1-to-1 tuition also available. If you believe in exam-oriented & fuss-free learning, contact Mrs Lim at 9823 4297.

13. Experienced Top JC Lecturer - Chemistry tuition by experienced top JC lecturer. Effective programmes/ strategies for 'A' level/ IB. Call 9007 9207.

14. First Class Honours with Master Degree - Conducts Group Chemistry tuition. Call 9179 3548.

15. Bishan First Class Honours Grad - Chemistry tuition by experienced First Class Honours Grad with Master Degree, at Bishan. 9789 2644.

16. Top University Grad - 1st Class Honour with 2 Master degrees. 19 years of experience. Small Group tuition. Upper/Lower Sec Chemistry / Combined Science tuition at Bishan. Please contact 9101 1278.

17. Chemistry Olympiad Gold Medalist - and current lecturer conducting small H2 chemistry tuition class. 9638 0122.

18. Experienced JC Lecturer - Chemistry tuition by experienced JC Lecturer. Contact No. 9487 5781.

19. RJC Lecturer - 'A' Level secrets revealed! Chemistry tuition by ex-RJC Lecturer at Novena. Call 9748 6339.

20. VJC Teacher - Customised revision for small groups. Chemistry tuition by VJC teacher. Contact No. 6738 8821.

21. VJC Teacher 2 - Excel in Chemistry. Chemistry Tuition conducted by VJC Teacher. Results Assured. Sec/ IP/ JC. Proven Program. 9635 5763.

22. International School Teacher - Teacher since 1997, with 3 years at Global Indian International School (Kuala Lumpur) international school offering Chemistry tuition. Contact: 6526 5916.

23. Former Lecturer (Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering) - O level/A level/IB/
University bridging by experienced tutor. More than 20 years unbroken record of delivering at least 85% A and B grades in National Examinations. Improvement in less than 2 semesters! Contact 9616 1651.

24. Premier Girls School Teacher (Upper Bukit Timah) - Lady Chemistry Tutor with 15 years' experience in premier girls' school offering Chemistry tuition for Secondary 3 and 4 in her home in Upper Bukit Timah, Singapore. Contact No. 9272 7672.

25. Band One School Lady Teacher - Current lady school Teacher in Band One School offering indivdual or home group chemistry tuition or Lower Sec Science tuition at Ang Mo Kio. Contact no: 9788 6170.

26. Current School Chemistry Teacher (Bukit Timah) - 'A', 'O' and IB level Chemistry tuition in Singapore. Individual tuition available. Contact No. 8161 1375.

27. Current School Teacher - Chemistry Tuition by current school teacher. 1 to 1. All areas. Please contact: 9338 0664.

28. Current School Teacher 4 - Experienced Chemistry school teacher, knows the technique of answering questions and the ideal way of illustrating points and ideas of all topics in Chemistry for O Levels. One to one chemistry tuition. All Areas. Please contact 9222 5561.

29. Current School Teacher 5 - Chemistry tuition for O Levels and Integrated Programme by current school teacher. Experience in teaching in top schools in Singapore. Contact number 9685 5939.

30. Female Current School Teacher - Individual or home group chemistry tuition for 'A' and 'O' Levels. Areas covered include Bishan, AMK, TPY, Upper Thomson. Contact 8233 6768.

31. Experienced Graduate Teacher - Teaches Secondary and JC level Chemistry tuition in Singapore. Contact No. 9740 5476.

32. Ex-HCI Lecturer - Ex HCI lecturer, Mr Pang. A levels H2 Chemistry lessons in Bukit Timah and Ang Mo Kio. 11 years in HCI, ex Olympiad Trainer. Call 9846 1067 for more details.

33. Current Teacher on Leave - My 15 years of school teaching experience enables me to illustrate chemistry concepts simply and clearly with the use of effective learning strategies and answering techniques. Conducting small group tuition, consultation and intensive revision customized according to student's needs. Pasir Ris area. Contact Mrs Teo at 9695 2235.

34. Ex-teacher with more than 26 years' experience - 'A' and 'O' level Chemistry tuition in Singapore. Contact No. 6737 1529.

35. Ex-teacher with more than 15 years' experience - 'O' and 'A' level Chemistry tuition at Kovan Centre. Effective strategies to recall Chemistry concepts. Intensive holiday workshops available too. Contact Mr Anthony Tang at 8126 6318.

36. Female Ex-School Teacher - with 10 years of formal teaching experience in one of the top boys schools in Singapore and specialising in Pure Chemistry tuition for O levels (Secondary 3 and 4). Call Mdm Sim 8262 0671.

37. School Teacher - School teacher conducts 'A' and 'O' levels Chemistry tuition in Singapore. Contact No. 9832 0451.

38. Ex-MOE Female Teacher - Ex-MOE female teacher with 10 years of tutoring experience. Taught at a JC and an SAP school in the East. Conducts group tuition or 1 on 1 tuition. Affordable rates and proven track record. Hp: 9423 6806.

39. Sean Chua - Master Trainer, Top Chemistry Coach providing Chemistry tuition, intensive bootcamp and mastery workshop. Contact: 9828 7357.

40. Joel Liu - Fun and Energetic Chemistry Tutor - 12 years of Experience with wonderful testimonials from students. O & A Levels Chemistry Group Class in Siglap. 9697 9822.

41. Experienced Full-Time Tutor - Female Chemistry graduate tutor with 10 years tutoring experience. I conduct tuition (1 to 1 or small group) for 'O' Level Chemistry in Yishun and Ang Mo Kio Area. Contact me at 8499 7495.

42. Jonathan - Distinction in 'A' Level Chemistry for JC2. Chemistry tuition by experienced tutor. Contact: 9276 0673.

43. Experienced Full-Time Tutor 2 - Experienced Full-Time Tutor- Male NUS graduate tutor with 12 years of experience conducting 1 to 1 Secondary Chemistry tuition. Obtained O levels A1 and A levels A for my Chemistry Studies. Committed and responsible towards your child's learning. Please contact me at 9278 0911 for enquiries.

44. Full-Time Male Tutor - NUS Science Graduate conducts both 1 to 1 and small group tuition for 'O' Level Chemistry and Combined Science in Yishun and Ang Mo Kio area. Contact me at 9663 5067.

45. Full-Time Graduate Tutor - NUS Chemistry (Hons) Graduate full-time tutor with 6 years experience in tutoring with good testimonials. Tutored A-level students across all JCs. All students benefited from self-prepared revisions packages and compiled questions. I am passionate about chemistry education and I can guarantee an improvement in student's grade. Please contact me at : 9109 1306.

46. NUS Chemistry Graduate Tutor - IBO Certified full time tutor with 8 years experience providing effective classes for HL Chemistry/SL Chemistry/IGCSE Chemistry/IP Chemistry. Personalised and flexible classes with ample of resources provided for learning. Guidance for IB Chemistry EE & IA is also provided. I am able to guarantee an improvement in grade based on my track record of students from international schools. Contact 9169 6530 for enquiries.

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